Human Instrumentality

by Sachiel

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Jake Thompson
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Jake Thompson The raw production, hard hitting, fast and violent pace of the songs with the harsh vocals setting an atmosphere fitting for Human instrumentality. Favorite track: In Her Aura.
livekiller666 thumbnail
livekiller666 I don't know why, but these vocals remind me of Oli Skyes. Favorite track: I'm So Fucked Up.
David Hensman
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David Hensman Nothing is perfect but this blackened grind violence masterpiece isn't far off. Favorite track: In Her Aura.
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released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Sachiel Ohio

3 man grind and powerviolence band.

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Track Name: I'm So Fucked Up
Fourteen and fucked in the head
No love
Just corrupted lust
There's nothing left but you
A love-hate bond holds us as one
Let's become one of body and mind
This comatose body of yours is all that i need
I'm so fucked up
I can stop when i want
I just want this to last
God gotta get my fix just one more time
Disgusted and horrified
My heads a fucking mess
I'm so fucked up
Track Name: N.E.R.V
Gods in his heaven alls right with the world
But is that truly just or divine punishment?
Servants of god or angels of death?
In the last minutes of daylight
When the clouds open up none will survive
Track Name: Sonozaki
If this is what suffering is
You will know what true anguish means
Something in me has changed and I'm starting to like it
The hated inside has seeped into my bones
The fear in your eyes is euphoric
The creature inside has taken over
You will apologize 1,000 times til your throat is raw
You'll pay for your sins
Track Name: Endless June
Death is second nature to me and I've repeated it countless times
These days of happiness are limited, but mine ended long ago
This cycle of death and rebirth is never ending
Trapped in chronology
This is my hell
The process repeats anew once more
As the cold hand of death breathes life back into me
Track Name: Tread
Death is not kind
It's dark, black as far as you can see, and you're all alone
Do you get it yet?
Nothing lasts forever
I've accepted that with open arms
Become that of the transparent
Let us tread in silence as the world goes black
Nothing is safe in the end
Death will kill what we love
Tread in silence
Track Name: The Third Impact
Humanity is an evolutionary dead end
I am the only salvation for this continued supremacy
It is my world now
Listen to the sounds of your extinction my children
The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth
Under the scarlet
Our gazes fixated
The skies were beautiful as they burned
So let us raise our glasses
To the beginning and end
The alpha and omega
It all returns to nothing
Track Name: The Manifestation of Phantasmagoria
You've spent days, months, and years in withdrawal
hinges on your sanity have loosened
Perception skewed
Hallucinations manifest
Rodents crawl from the ceiling
Biting like dogs
Exist to hurt
Cold hands tighten around the neck
Words mean nothing coming from the mouth there spewing from
Reaching out to salvation
But some places light won't reach
Pray and whisper as hope is stripped away from your body
Hoariness in your breath
Your body contorts in depravity
No savior
God and love always seem to be sold out
Track Name: In Her Aura
Innocent wings stained black
From the ones who feed her life
Tainted, a disease of the mind
Her silhouette was born of perfection
Every knee shall bend
As they bow in her aura
Total providence,
I saw in your face that were the same when we began
Her scent, so enticing
Her blank stares caress my body
Stripped clean
All that was offered would never satisfy
Those pale eyes shall never reveal what they've seen
Track Name: Tar Mouth
Falsified words spewing from the cracks between your teeth
Cry out
No words form
Repulsive and toxic
No hope
No escape
This is the embodiment of you
Clawing towards the light as it dies
Eyes blackened out
Let the sickness take over